Avant-kube offers full or partial architectural services and can help you in a number of ways, ranging from initial survey, feasibility study, design development, application for statutory approvals, handling of tenders, management of building contracts to reception process by assisting customers when building is handed over by the contractor.

• We undertake inspection of completed buildings; Conduct assessments of real estate properties and produce technical reports that detail both strengths and weaknesses.

• We develop the brief according to clients’ request; Establish a feasibility report; Give advice on how to proceed; Visit the site and give initial appraisal;  Advise on the need for other consultants and/or any specialist and the scope of their services.

• We carry out any studies necessary to establish feasibility reports; Review alternative designs, construction approaches and cost implications; Advice on statutory approvals needed, including health & safety; Outline a timetable.

• We prepare outline (sketch) proposals for preliminary approval; Develop a design following the decision taken on previous stage; Coordinate other consultants’ actions when affecting program & budget;  Make a cost estimate;  Arrange space, materials and design; Prepare and submit a planning application.

• We finalise design including co-ordination with other consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors;  Cost checks;  Advise on regulatory procedures;  Prepare and submit Building Regulations Application and any other statutory requirements and negotiate if necessary.

• We provide drawings, schedules, specifications & bills of quantities;  Complete information if necessary to facilitate contractors’ tender.

• We advise on a list of tenderers;  Issue tender documents to selected contractors;  Receive tenders, advice on results and contractor selection or negotiate prices with tenderers if necessary;  Prepare the building contract and arrange signatures.

• We administer upon the terms of the building contract during work on site;  Check conformity between the on-going work and the contract;  Visit the site on a regular basis to inspect the progress and quality of the work;  Make periodic financial reports including any cost variations.

• We administer upon the terms of the contract related to completion of the work;  Give general guidance on maintenance;  Collect and provide As Built file.