Avant-kube proposes services, respecting your needs, return on investment, delivery time and patrimonial strategy. Our proactive and voluntary approach which enables you to speed up your decision making is the keystone of our commitment.

Avant-kube scrutinize market parameters, products, and construction trends in order to optimize your planning, define your project in terms of cost and technique (economically and technically) and thus increase the value of your real estate assets.

Avant-kube examines all possible solutions taking the characteristics of your project into account.  We propose you a comparison of several project plans so that you can analyze and find the best solution to meet your needs (merit and demerit approach).

Avant-kube seeks to produce the best possible building for each circumstance. Our work is not constrained by a personal style that would limit its architecture expression; instead, it tries to enhance the unique characteristics of each project in harmony with its environment.

Avant-kube integrates sustainable development into its business strategy and apply its methods, in the optimization of functionality, innovative solution research, energy saving, or renewable energy during the project process and all this respecting local structures. Avant kubes’ experience include, site analysis and selection, land-use analysis, community interface, neighbourhood development.